The New User Experience Paradigm

I-nnovate’s SmartClient User Interface (UI) enhances your current BPM platform by leveraging the latest Microsoft® ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery UI Framework technologies to create a new user experience paradigm for automated process interaction that combines rich visual fetures with unmatched run time performance.

I-nnovate’s graphically-styled User Interface provides unique “vertical” form navigation with an informative “At-A-Glance” workspace featuring collapsible form panels, dynamic stage actions and visual status indicators producing rapid readability, decision assessments and simplified task executions for process participants.

I-nnovate’s next generation SmartClient is built with state-of-the-art UI principles and styling that is visually engaging, intuitive and easy-to-use.

SmartClient User Interface Features:

  • Informative “At-A-Glance” workspace utilizes key information panel header summaries, dynamic visual icons and status indicators to create an intuitive, engaging and highly productive user experience
  • Vertical navigation concept uses expandable/collapsible form panels instead of traditional static forms to eliminate repetitive and time consuming form-to-form navigations searching for key field data
  • Rich web application design provides exceptional ASP.NET AJAX runtime performance
  • Provides developers with state-of-the-art UI principles and extensible Microsoft.NET architecture

I-nnovate’s SmartClient eclipses common limitations associated with traditional BPM webform UI designs by substantially improving multi-form content visualization and interaction. I-nnovate’s SmartClient UI can be implemented as an add-on for your currently deployed BPM procedures, in addition to all new processes under development for your enterprise.