Automated Invoice Processing

RoboPAY® automates invoice processing with minimal human involvement.

Traditionally, manual invoice processing has been a time-consuming and expensive process, where invoices can be lost, vendor information including amounts entered incorrectly. With RoboPAY, organizations can benefit from improved efficiencies through automatic data capture via the scanned invoice image, streamlining the entire invoice process, without complexities of configuring rules and/or templates.

RoboPAY utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to extract necessary details, including Vendor/Supplier details, due date, invoice amount, relevant payment and bank account details, and individual line items in the invoices.

Cognitive data capture significantly reduces the time spent on processing a single invoice from minutes to seconds, helping clerks gain efficiency of up to 90% reduction of time associated in manually entering invoice data into the Accounts Payable system.

With RoboPAY just PROOF and PAY!