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Manage Inactive Matters Quickly and Paperless

All firms have a need for a systematic review and reclassification of inactive matters residing in their Practice Management system (PMS), whether for periodic inactive matter management, or as a mandatory task prior to a pending merger.

I-nnovate’s Inactive Matter Review (IMR) process fully automates inactive matter management with the distinct advantage of allowing the firm’s attorneys to participate directly in the process in a quick and easy manner. Attorneys can review and dispatch large volumes of inactive matters in minutes with explicit enforcement of the firm’s rules, policies and approvals.

Through our integrated IMR process, attorneys make controlled and auditable updates to reclassify the status of their inactive matters directly into the firm’s PMS, without having to receive permissioned access into the PMS application itself, or requiring authorized administrative staff to function as redundant intermediaries to update the matters in the PMS application or other systems, as is necessary with manual paper-based processes.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple to use, fully automated workflow process for rapid review and closing of inactive matters
  • Substantially reduces time required for regular inactive matter maintenance
  • Process directly interacts with the responsible attorneys including PMS system updates in real-time
  • Enforces firm’s policies for recurring inactive matter management on a regularly scheduled basis
  • Intelligent automatic selection of specific inactive matters based on client-defined criteria
  • Selectable summary and detail views of inactive matters presented on a single form
  • Streamlines Conflict Report hits in searches requisite for attorney review when opening new matters
  • Ability for attorneys to save and return to their current IMR review as necessary without losing work
  • Ability to request extensions for completion dates due to unexpected scheduling exceptions
  • Approvers have selective remand, approval or override options on all exception requests submitted
  • Process can be launched firm-wide or incrementally by office on ad hoc or scheduled dates
  • Utilizes SQL Server Reporting Services to provide pre-built end-of-cycle Reports
  • Automatic reminder notifications sent via email with individual matter counts and approaching deadlines
  • IMR can be deployed on-premises or in a secure hybrid cloud PaaS environment (Process as a Service)

Client Successes:

  • Senior Partner/COO of an AM Law 200 Firm reviewed & closed 1,800+ Inactive Matters in less than 15 minutes
  • Another AM Law 200 Firm reviewed and closed 80,000+ Inactive Matters during their first review cycle

Please see a pre-recorded demonstration of I-nnovate’s Inactive Matter Management process by clicking here.

For additional information and pricing, please contact Jackie Hanifan at (800) 533-9577, x9 or by email at jhanifan@i-nnovate.com.

Law.com Article: When Protecting Sensitive Data, a Firewall and Cloud-Shift Isn’t Enough

When it comes to cyber infrastructure, many firms are unaware of the true size of their attack surface and just how vulnerable their confidential assets actually are.

By John Parmley and David Crawford | November 05, 2018

Law firms must be able to veritably secure confidential information and data. Client-driven demands for effective data security measures are rapidly seen as a legal industry standard. But when it comes to cyber infrastructure, many firms are unaware of the true size of their attack surface and just how vulnerable their confidential assets actually are.

While network firewalls are indispensable, today they comprise just one basic element of effective cyber infrastructure. Yet a substantial number of firms, even those deploying cloud or hybrid-cloud models, still rely on their firewall to be its front-line defense to attacks. All too commonplace, senior management has the mindset, “if it’s inside our firewall, it must be safe,”. This is an outdated paradigm which needs to be edified regarding the true nature of cyber threats and the need for risk-based data management. Often this edification, acknowledgment, and buy-in by senior management are one of the CIOs/CTOs/CISOs biggest challenges to implementing enhanced cybersecurity protocols or cloud computing initiatives. And to further compound data security complexity, firms are rapidly incorporating cloud-shift strategies including hybrid-cloud frameworks for bi-directional data transactions between on-prem and cloud applications. This will continue to grow as Gartner, Inc., states a massive shift toward hybrid infrastructure services is underway. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 90 percent of organizations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management capabilities.

The Watchdogs

Does your firm want to lose a valuable client over poor scores from a client security audit? Get used to the idea, because it’s happening. Large enterprises, particularly in the banking and financial industry, are now using detailed data security audits to cull and qualify their law firm providers. Essentially this means it’s no longer good enough to just have a clean record, your security system is still being periodically evaluated by vested watchdog’s on how it will perform both now and into the future. Specific to cybersecurity and secure data management, you need to demonstrate your firm has proactively implemented comprehensive plans and tools that store and transact their data securely.

The Solution

State of the art access and identity management capabilities beyond the firewall are now essential to defeat attack vectors before they are authenticated and inside your network. Often times it may seem like a good idea to just add additional layers of security, but this isn’t the case; hackers have proven they can get around firewalls and traditional layered authentication methods of protection. Rather than opening up the network and trying to ensure attackers don’t get past authentication layers; and/or, siloed with decoys once inside, firms should consider protective data solutions that reduce the attack surface or eliminate it altogether with a zero-trust model of access control. By hiding the network from everyone, good or bad, there’s no whitelisting or blacklisting needed, access is only given on a case-by-case basis all out-of-band, with specific parameters and user restrictions applied.

According to the Ponemon Institute, the cost of a data breach is over $3.8 million. Wouldn’t it be easier to upgrade your security methods beyond the firewall, then to lose this much cash and client trust?

Are your Business Processes efficient?

Are they reducing risks while increasing revenues?

Automated processes improve efficiencies, eliminate risks, while increasing revenues!

I-nnovate can ensure your business is reaping these huge rewards!

I-nnovate is a leading systems integrator specializing in automated Business Process Management (BPM) and document-centric, enterprise workflow solutions.

With an established reputation for providing high-quality technology services to the professional and business services industry since 2002, I-nnovate is renowned for delivering sophisticated, automated processes with enhanced features and seamless integration with legacy systems.

I-nnovate offers custom and pre-built solutions.

Pre-Built Solutions include:

  • SmartClient® User Interface for BPM
    • Permanent Audit Trails
    • Rich user Experience
    • State-of-the-Art & Intuitive
    • Reduces training time
    • Process Audit Trails
    • Dashboards & Reports
  • New Business Intake & Conflicts
  • Inactive Matter Review
  • New Hire Intake
  • Employee Departure
  • Purchase To Pay
    • Purchase Order Request
    • Check Request
    • Reimbursement Request
  • KwikTag Imaging for Finance & More

Mobile Process Approvals