Distribute Inactive Matter Reviews to Responsible Staff

Whether for periodic inactive matter management or as a mandatory task prior to a pending merger, all firms have a need for the systematic review and reclassification of inactive matters.

I-nnovate’s Inactive Matter Review (IMR) process fully automates inactive matter management with the distinct advantage of allowing the firm’s lawyers or staff to participate directly in the process with ease.

Lawyers and staff can review and dispatch large volumes of inactive matters in just minutes with explicit enforcement of the firm’s rules, policies and approvals. Through the process, lawyers make controlled and auditable updates to reclassify the status directly into the firm’s Financial system, without having to receive permissioned access into the financial application itself, or requiring authorized administrative staff to function as redundant intermediaries to update the matters, as is necessary with manual, paper-based processes.

Inactive Matter Review Case Study Synopsis

Am Law 200 Ranked Firm – Results from Automating IMR

Previous Manual IMR Process Notes:

Firm found compliance difficult for participation of Billing Attorneys with their manual inactive matter review procedure.

Subsequently over the course of years, the firm accumulated over 120K inactive matters in their financial/practice management system.

The sheer volume of inactive matters were causing Conflict Reports to be immense for Attorneys when reviewing new matter requests.

Automated Results from IMR Implementation:

Automated IMR enthusiastically received by Billing Attorneys, resulting in over 80K inactive matters closed during the initial process incidence.

Subsequently, the size of Conflict Reports associated with new matter requests was reduced to a fraction of their previous page counts.

Inactive Matter Review