NBI Process – iManage Export Feature Highlights

  • Subfolders automatically created as necessary
  • Security rights set for each request, supporting both static users/roles who are given access to all items and dynamic users determined from individual request data
  • Export of all attachments associated with a request
  • Export of a PDF printout of the request data, generated from an SSRS report
  • Export exclusions based on request data
  • Configurable naming conventions, allowing document names to be based on original file names and/or request data
  • Export to individual matter workspaces
  • Export to static workspace with folder identified by client/matter or matter open date
  • Export to multiple matter workspaces, if request includes multi-matters
  • Export of shortcuts to additional workspaces
  • Population of keywords based on request/attachment data for searching
  • Population of Document Type or Class based on request or attachment data

Also, custom utility documents may be attached by browsing iManage through a user-friendly dialog, without requiring the user to save the document to their local desktop and then attach from there.


DMS Integration